Initiating a personal injury claim is difficult even when you have regained your full health and you are aware of the procedures that are involved in making a successful California personal injury claim for an accident. There are times when you still might be in a considerable amount of pain and the idea of making a claim fills you with too much apprehension. And as a potential plaintiff, it is understandable that you might relinquish your right to compensation because the whole process involved in such circumstance seems to be so complicated. However, following the right process and seeking help from the right people, there would be no reason to settle on having nothing, and just end up as a victim, with all the losses, pains and suffering.

3 Ways To Have A Successful Claim

Personal Injury Claim
1. Personal Information
The moment you have decided to make a personal injury claim, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation that your lawyer is going to ask from you. At the same time, you need to have your basic details. You also need to provide contact details of the witnesses, the location where the injury happened, as well as the date, and other details of your injuries and subsequent medical diagnosis.

The lawyer also needs to know the details of the treatments you’ve had, including the medications that you’ve been taking. On top of all these, if you have lost income, you would have to provide documentation that would reflect such and other things that would support your claim.

2. What Happens Next
When your lawyer has started the process of the personal injury claim, you can expect to find out how likely it is for your claim to succeed and how much compensation you are likely to receive. In some cases, you will receive a letter that details all the costs involved, and the actions that are going to be taken on the case. After such, he will get in touch with the defendant.

The defendant would have to either deny or accept liability for the injury and the decision would affect what happens next. In case he accepts the liability, the dispute will be settled outside the courtroom, which is a lot easier and faster. On the other hand, if the case goes to court, a jury would decide whether the claim is successful or not, and would dictate the amount of compensation to be received.

3. Closing the Case
When the defendant accepts the liability, you can make him an offer to just settle and your lawyer would talk you through the potential claim value. The defendant can just accept the offer and settle the case. Alternatively, he may come back to you with his counter offer. In such case, your lawyer would advise on the things you have to do. You may opt to decide to reject the offer, but this may entail you to go to the court. At the same time, this may result in higher costs that need to be paid.

Making a successful personal injury claim can be a complex process, thus, it is of high importance to have a lawyer beside you who specializes in such case. This would ensure that your claim will be handled properly and resolved in the best and most effective way possible.

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