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Facing a legal issue can be daunting, while filing for a claim can be confusing, even frightening. And when you’ve sustained injuries and related damages, you would feel that you most deserve a fair and just compensation. However, negotiating for a fair settlement or fighting for your rights in a trial would be impossible if you do it alone. This is where our California Attorney can be of great service. During such trying times, what you need is the expert counsel and representation of our competent lawyers. The team of Ledger & Associates is not only dedicated in helping clients, but we educate them about the legal options they can take in a way they would comprehend.

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Skills. Honor. Positive Results


At Ledger & Associates, we have a team of skilled, honest, hard working, levelheaded, and down-to-earth professionals. They are the people who are willing to defend your honor, fight for your rights, and stand up for those who have been wronged. And as part of our committed service to our clients, we do our best to deliberately and promptly respond to your different legal needs. And we temper the speed and quality of our service, with a goal of being thorough at what we do. We do not only serve to handle your legal needs quickly, but accurately.

Our California Personal Injury Lawyers stand by the promise of giving you the results you deserve and in the interest that would serve you best. And we are highly confident in accomplishing this with our skilled, experienced, and committed legal professionals.

The Team You Need


Many people refuse to seek the help of an attorney, given the fear that doing so can be intricate and costly. But with our team at Ledger & Associates, we help alleviate your fears. Your first visit for a consultation is always Free. During the initial meeting you will find out if your situation needs an assistance of an attorney or not. If so, we would offer everything we can to help. The costs and fees are discussed to you forthright. In most cases, especially injury cases the fees are based on contingencies. You need not pay unless we win your case. And in such case, the fee will be a percentage of the amount you recover.

We Value “You”


The first time you step into our offices, you will know and feel the intimate and genuine care of our paralegals, attorneys, and other staff members about your legal concerns. The growth we’ve had through the years of service and experience is largely attributed to our strong commitment to provide every case with an undivided attention it deserves.
The Ledger & Associates is large enough to cater your needs, while showing you the highest respect, and caring about you on a personal level. You will be confidently represented by an attorney and you will always have the experience and skills of the entire team to assist you in your case.

Experience Matters

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When faced with legal problems, make sure that you have an experienced attorney with an expertise in the right field of law. There are some lawyers who claim to be capable of handling cases in many areas of law. However, this could lead to having your case be compromised. But at Ledger & Associates, we focus our services and practices to the areas of personal injury law. And it is within those areas that we can be of service, even with most complicated cases.

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Find out more about our firm, our team of attorneys, our staff and the different types of cases we handle by reading through our website. Most of all, if we could be of any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.