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One of the most common injuries in the United States is slip-and-fall accidents. It’s also complicated to defend. As the name implies, a slip and fall happens when you encounter something on a surface (like a floor or pavement), causing you to lose balance and hurt yourself. Keep in mind that NOT all these lawsuits end in compensation. As with all personal injury cases in California, California Slip and Fall needs sufficient evidence to prove that you were not also careless during the unfortunate incident. And a California Slip and Fall Attorney can help you solve this case.

What to Consider In California Slip and Fall Settlements

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant. After ordering your favorite meal, you walk to your table when – you suddenly slip on the damp floor and fall on your back. After a checkup to your doctor, it was found that you had dislocated your shoulder and cannot return to work for a few months. Can you file a lawsuit? What can California Slip and Fall Lawyer do for you?

First, it must be determined that the owner of the establishment observed proper safety practices during the time of the accident. Second, you must have shown responsibility in your own actions (i.e. that you were not fooling around, or were negligent of safety signs). In California, the court will look at each party’s percentage of liability to determine which side must be compensated. Technically, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant is at least 51% liable for what happened. At the same time, the victim needs to show that he or she has exercised reasonable caution when traversing the surface.

This is where the expertise of a California Slip and Fall Attorney comes into play. As it’s often tough to prove which side is most at fault, California Slip and Fall Lawyer would definitely be helpful. Just be sure to file for your slip and fall lawsuit within 2 years from the date of injury. Otherwise, you will forfeit the chances of receiving just compensation.

‘Reasonable’ Slip and Fall Case Scenarios

California Slip and Fall Lawyer knows that not all slip and fall lawsuits end happily. For one, the court and the jury may rule in favor of the property owner if it’s proven that he or she has taken responsible steps to make sure that the establishment was safe. In our previous example, if the restaurant owner was regularly examining the area, has put ‘wet floor’ signs, and made sure that no other obstacles were in the vicinity, there’s a chance that he may be absolved. But again, this will depend after the court has heard both sides of the story.

Other actions that property owners could take to guarantee the safety of people in their establishment include (but are not limited to):

• putting barriers or blockades on dangerous areas to prevent people from going in them
• placing prominent signs
• supplying adequate lighting to highlight any problematic parts
• make sure areas are free of foreign objects
• doing frequent checkups, repairs, and maintenance

Let a California Slip and Fall Attorney Help

Slip and fall cases can be prevented – and it’s the duty of both parties to ensure that such accidents don’t occur. But life is uncertain; so it often throws fateful events at us. If ever you’re caught off guard in California, know that help is always just a call or click away with California Slip and Fall Lawyer. Get in touch with a California Slip and Fall Attorney today and learn more.

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