You are traveling one day, enjoying your trip from places to places, when suddenly, the plane you are riding lost its control and made an emergency landing. You have nothing to do but just close your eyes and hope it will be fine when you open them.

The incident is so fast that you just found yourself stocked on your chair trembling in fear. It had caused you trauma indeed and even physical damages. In this case, you can claim for physical injury and seek a help from an accident lawyer.

A physical injury can be classified into different forms like damage to the body and to the mind or emotion. Cases like accident can cause both physical and emotional harm.

Plane Crash

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What Is the Best Thing to Do?

Cases like having an accident in cars, ship and airplanes needs urgent attention. A victim has the right to claim for physical injury. Before you can claim for the injury, you must have the evidences with you. As long as you are back in your mind, you can take note details that you can remember, to include the time, what you are doing before the accident happened, the persons you are with and any other details that can support in the investigation of the incident. You can also take pictures for evidences if you have your camera with you. You need to seek a lawyer’s help for legal advices and assistance.

The Damage It Has Caused You

You have to be particular of the damages that have been done to you. Damages can be categorized into special or general. Special damages are measurable, such as, money lost, property cost, and medical expenses while general counts on emotional distress and pain and suffering.

What Will Happen If the Damage Is Made?

A payment is done by the company responsible for the airplane. The amount of compensation for the injury will depend on the damaged done, but in cases like severe injuries, the victim will receive the highest injury settlement. There is also a case where the accused has to pay loss of amenity wherein he has to pay for the lifetime effect of the injury where a victim could not attend his work due to the damage. The payment will be through settlement agreement or judgment after a trial. Settlement can be lump-sum or structured settlement which will be paid in the given period of time.

Who Will Be Responsible for the Payment?

Companies like airline firms have insurances that are covering cases especially during accidents. They are responsible for the liability insurance and at the same time, legally stand for the defense of the defendant. Liability insurance covers only bodily damages and do not consider other situations such as emotional distress. Insurance company can also cover medical expenses.

Is Personal Injury Settlement Taxable?

In places like in the United States, the money paid for settlement like the medical expenses related to the injury done is not taxable. But in some cases, there are exemptions. If the payment is for income replacement, it can be taxed. Like the usual deduction from your salary, the amount of the tax will be the same.

You cannot just say that you are feeling fine just because you’ve stayed alive. Damages had been done to you emotionally and physically. You must know when to file for a personal injury case. Do not just sit in the corner and suffer the fear it has caused you. There must be someone responsible, now that you’ve known enough about personal injury.

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