Being involvedGuide When Filing a Car Insurance Claim in a car accident is a very serious and stressful experience. And when you file a claim, it is not that stressful, but it can be an intimidating and unpleasant situation, especially if you have never been through the process with your auto insurance company. Generally, car insurers have already taken the steps to make your insurance claim process be easier for their clients. While some will allow you to call a toll-free contact number and report the accident to a customer service representative or claims center. A lot of companies have now already given you the option of doing it through online.

Initiating The Insurance Claim

You can now file a car insurance claim through online. You may just need to log into the insurer’s claims page with your username and password. You might also be asked to give your Social Security number, policy number or some other ways to find yourself before entering any accident information. After that, the online system will aid you through the rest of the process.
When filing through the phone, you can just call the number given to you by the insurer when filing a claim. Any representative from the company should walk through your claims and process it by asking you some questions.

Types of Information You Will Be Asked

Each of the insurer will ask for a variety of information after a car accident, but here is the standard list of some questions you should expect to answer. Before you pick up the phone or turn on your computer, have this some information ready to go:

  • Your policy number
  • The date of the accident
  • Place of the accident
  • How the Accident happened
  • The name, license plate, address, and the insurance information of the other party involved.
  • The name of the police department
  • Police report number

Again, they will still ask you other information, but this should cover the most of what is required. If possible, make sure to file your claim promptly after the accident.

After Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

Once you have already filed the claim, the process will vary depending on the insurer and the type of your claim. Ask for more information if your insurer is not clear about what you should expect. If an insurer’s adjuster will check the damage to your car or even ask you to get some estimates. You may also be asked to bring your car to a shop that is approved by your carrier.
Depending on your situation, you might get a call from the other person’s insurance company, not the same as yours, that will ask you to give the version of what happened or to verify some information.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

In some cases, you should also consider hiring a California car accident attorney who specializes in personal injury field. They have the knowledge of the laws that govern your case and will help you settle your claim fairly. Don’t take things lightly because you will be the one who will benefit from this. When faced with some legal problems, make sure that you have an experienced lawyer with an expertise in the right field of law.

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