So, who is to blame for the accident that just happened?

Most of the victims are hesitant to file a settlement claim when they do not know who is to be responsible for the accident. As a matter of fact, they simply strive to recover on their own, thinking that there wouldn’t be any chance for them to come to an agreement with whoever that individual is. Yes, there are times whenever you caught in an accident and you couldn’t tell who the culprit is. However, you have to keep in mind that just because you have no idea who the person liable for the accident is, doesn’t mean you could not file any settlement claim.

John Doe Identity: Mystery

Wanted: John Doe

If you think you could not sue the person responsible for the accident since his identity is still a mystery, think again. Even if the name and the address of the person at fault is unknown, it is still possible to file a lawsuit. On the other hand, there may be a big question left in your mind that needs to be answered.
How can you sue this mystery person?

Identifying the Defendant

Do you know ‘John Doe’ or ‘Jane Doe’? These are the terms used whenever the person is unidentified. Most of the time, you would hear this term as it is used in police reports and other cases. Although it may not be provided in some states, but most of the states in America, filing a suit against an unknown individual is allowed. In short, you can proceed with the settlement process and file a claim against ‘John Doe’ or ‘Jane Doe’. They will be referred to as the defendants.
Moreover, there are also called the ‘Doe defendants’. This refers to not just an individual who has caused the injuries or damages you have incurred.
Thus, the moment you would meet an accident and are unaware of the person at fault, you can identify them as the ‘Doe defendants. Take note that even if you can file a lawsuit against these unknown individuals, you still have to limit to the number of these parties liable for the accident for.

Filing a case against John Doe, are there benefits?

Yes. You may be familiar with the statute of limitations. Believe it or not, as you file a claim against these unknown people, it allows you to stop the clock in filing for a lawsuit. In most states, 2 years is provided for the victims to take action and fight for their rights and recover. At this point, whenever you file a claim against the Doe defendants, it would enable you erase the statute of limitations.
Plaintiffs might delay the settlement claim in fear that they will never be able to achieve the agreement. Nonetheless, if they file a claim against the Doe defendant, his case will be recognized.

These cases can be complex. This is the reason, discussing your concern to the right people, personal accident lawyers, should enable you to see the light and recover from the accident. Do not think it’s impossible for you to take your life back.

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