The Dangers of Trick or Treating

In a few more hours, every corner of the streets and the entire neighborhood will be filled with kids and even adults trick or treating. This is going to be a fun-filled event. You have to keep in mind that safety is still your priority. Else, you wouldn’t be able to have a Happy Halloween. However, no matter how much you try to be safe, inevitable things still happen. No, this isn’t part of the trick for Halloween. You have to admit, accidents can still happen.


On your way to knock on your neighbor’s door, you hear a dog barking. The sound gets near, and the next thing you knew, a dog suddenly bit your leg. A California dog bite injury is not just any injury you know about. Whether or not, a large nasty breed of dog caused your injuries, ignoring it even if it is just a minor one, is not a good idea. And yes, you can file for a settlement claim for the dog bite injury you have obtained.

At this point, you may have second thoughts of filing for a claim. Remember, your goal is to fully recover from the dog bite incident. Although it is easier to simply discuss your case with your personal injury lawyer, it is still wise to be prepared.

Here are a few questions you might need to ask yourself to ensure whether or not, your dog bite injury case is worth filing for.

Have you determined the degree or the level of injuries incurred?

There are times where your injuries can cause you to skip from work. Recovering from this kind of incident can be overwhelming. It could drown you from emotional distress. Make sure that you seek for medical attention whenever you meet this accident. As a rule of the thumb, your health would come first. Never forget to keep all necessary documents. You will need them when you meet your attorney.


Who’s dog is it?

You wouldn’t want to file a claim against ‘John Doe’. In order for you to file for a legal claim for the injuries you have obtained, determine the owner of the dog and take note of his/her information. On the other hand, if it was possible for you to request for a compensation from an unknown individual who has caused the accident, this time, it would be impossible for you to recover from an injury brought by a stray dog or whose owner couldn’t be known.

Do you know where the incident occurred?

Again, after meeting an accident, places and names will always be essential. It could happen in your neighborhood, take note of the specific details where the accident occurred. Otherwise, you and your lawyer will have a hard time in bringing your case to success.

Dog bite injury cases may sound simple, yet it can be complex in some other way. Even if you may have the knowledge to keep you and your rights protected, an expert lawyer’s advice will always be best. His skills and knowledge will lead your case to the right path.

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