Most people like to delay things; in part because they think it’s too bothersome, or perhaps it would cost a lot of money. This is especially true for personal injuries. Many think they can handle it on their own, so they postpone appointments (doctors, insurance claims, etc.), until they realize that two short years have passed. In major situations, there’s a chance you could get more compensation – had you not delayed matters.


Delayed and Denied

It’s understandable that someone would hesitate going to the doctor, particularly if it’s just a small injury (like slips or falls). However, this just asserts to your insurance agency to hold back any sum that should have otherwise gone to you. They can use this to make it harder for you to claim an amount; or make your compensation smaller.

Failing to seek medical attention immediately will make it seem that you were not really hurt.

Another thing to consider are witnesses and evidence. People move and information can disappear. If you were involved in a severe injury (such in the case of road accidents), you need to act at once. The other party’s insurance company will fight to defend not only their client; but also their obligation to pay for your losses. The same is true for YOUR insurance agency. If your current situation has made you miss days of work, and medical bills have already amounted to a few thousand dollars – you need to ask help from an attorney to get you back up.

Arguments To Expect

When filing for compensation, anticipate that the other party’s insurance company would not be kind. In personal injury cases, one of the things they’re going to try to prove first is that their client has no ‘duty of care’ towards you. This means he has shown negligent behavior, which caused you harm. If that doesn’t work, they’re going to argue that YOU had been negligent; and that it was your own actions that led to your own demise.

Expecting these common contentions will allow you to arm yourself with the appropriate responses. This is where evidence (like medical records, receipts, photos of the incident, police reports, witnesses, your own journal, etc.) comes in. Remember: your own insurance agency will try to limit the sum you’re entitled to – so be ready to fight! As long as you have more than enough valid evidence, you can win.


When To Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

In the state of California, the timeline for filing for a personal injury claim is two years. So act immediately. Prepare the necessary paperwork, find support in friends and family, do whatever it takes to make your current scenario easier. If your injuries cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, and you’ve missed work for a week or more – it’s time to call an expert.

You don’t have to fight alone. A lot of legal offices offer free consultations (either by phone or in person), so take advantage of those. Ask for reviews and recommendations. Visit them and talk about your situation. Many will not charge a fee unless they were able to help you. A good California Personal Injury Lawyer will stand by you until your personal injury case is finished.

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