Initially, it may feel stupid slipping and falling while shopping. You are not alone. These incidents are no longer strange. Slip and fall incidents happen in grocery stores frequently. And this doesn’t mean that you just have to let go of this incident. Keep in mind that these injuries can consume a great big chunk of your grocery budget.

To File for a Settlement Claim or Not?

This is a tough decision to make. There are some victims who would not even bother to pursue a lawsuit for fear. They think these grocery stores are large firms that it would be useless to file for a claim. Wrong.
There are a lot of cases where grocery stores establishments are left in the dark for negligence.

Slip and fall Accident in a Grocery Store

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The Accident Happened Outside the Store

Slip and fall accidents in California are common mostly in this season. Floors become slippery or fluorescent lights may be broken and walkways become dark, or how about when the store management fail to put on the hazard signs to warn their customers, all these and more negligent actions to mention. You have your legal options. As a matter of fact, even if the incident occurred outside the store (at a parking lot), you are still entitled to fight for your right and be rewarded with the right amount of claim. You have to take note that it is the property owner’s (or the grocery store owner) responsibility to keep their customers away from danger. Thus, any cracked pavement, icy patches, or poor lighting can be possible causes for accidents to occur. This can be a clear evident that the management was neglecting their duties of care.

Whether or not you have made a successful purchase, the grocery store is liable.

This means that the store is not only responsible for the items you bought from them, rather they have to be liable for the life that was lost. In other words, if the injury caused you to skip from work, the store has to be responsible for the lost wages. Moreover, if you need medical attention for the injuries you have incurred, the management has to take care of all of them. You have to prove to the court that the grocery store was not doing their duties of care. At this point, you may need to have an accident attorney by your side to win the case and your life back.

Don’t think it’s just a minor injury.

Even if you just went to the doctor to have your continuous pain resulting from the slip and fall checked, the store is still responsible for it. The store management has to ensure the safety of their shoppers. Any accident, damages or injuries incurred from its negligence should be their liability.

Allow your personal injury lawyer evaluate your case now or else, you would end up suffering from the injuries and damages from the accident. Although you may be able to handle the case on your own, it is still different when you have an experienced professional by your side to direct your path.

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