Welcome October! Party Season Begins…

‘Tis the season to be jolly’, as from the lyrics of a song says. October begins the holiday seasons. House parties here and there. You just can’t wait to join the fun and excitement. On the other hand, there are also times, when you would be hosting such party. You got everything prepared – food and drinks, ready for your guests. Come the party event night, as one of your guests walks down your driveway, slips and falls. At some point, he would try to pick himself up. You, along with everyone else at the party would think this guest is fine. Truth is, some slip and fall California personal injuries may lead to a serious one. Will you be held liable for this inevitable incident?


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Safety Precautions to Prevent a Party Scenario

Yes, as a party host, you need to ensure everyone would still be in one piece when the party is over. There are times when some guest would ask you to cover for the expenses he had spent from the injuries he has incurred at the party. Keep in mind that property owners are supposed to be responsible for whatever damages or injuries incurred by your guests during the holiday event.

Simple Tips for Party Hosts:

Although the key is to keep everyone safe. Here are simple tips you can follow to prevent everyone from danger.

Tip # 1: Keep guests away from potential hazards indoors.
It is important whenever you invite guests that there wouldn’t be any broken appliance, loose stairs, and other potential items that would lead to injuries. Fix every single of it before it’s too late. Don’t invite danger to your party. Or better yet, warn your guests to avoid accidents to happen.

Tip # 2: Keep guests away from potential hazards outdoors.
Keeping your guests away from potential hazards doesn’t limit indoors, but outdoors as well. Remember, your driveway and yard is still part of your property. It might be rare that they stay outside in the cold, but you simply need to be prepared. Otherwise, some guest might incur injuries from obstructions in the walkway. You would never know. Shovel the snow (whenever it is needed). Keep the driveway clear and free of danger.

Tip # 3: Be prepared for any potential legal consequence.
You have to take note that even a close friend would still file for a settlement claim whenever he is hurt at a party in your property. You could be in legal trouble when you are not prepared. Be aware that your friend may not be looking for a fuss, instead, his insurance company would be too aggressive to file for a claim and look for the person responsible for the expenses.

There are two things that you should not forget when handling these situations:

  • The moment when insurance companies learn that someone has to be legally liable for the injuries incurred, most possibly, they can pin it on you.
  • If you think the injuries your guest has injured is not your fault, do not give in to these insurance agents and most of all, NEVER pay up to their requests. Rather, let your lawyer negotiate with them. His skills, knowledge, and experience combine to protect you and your rights.

The Bottom Line

It is wise to keep a to-do list and be prepared whenever you host a party in your home. Sure, it may take time to keep your house tidy, but think about the time and overwhelming situations when a guest slips and falls or meet an accident at the party. Nobody would want to be caught in a lawsuit. Again, invite your friends, but not danger.

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