In the case of vehicular accidents, it’s obvious that there will be personal injury claims due to harm done. Just contact the Best Accident Attorney in California to help settle your California personal injury claims. But what if it was the police who caused your injuries? Would you be brave enough to take them to court – or will you simply leave things as they are?

When the Police Uses Too Much Force

Police Brutality

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Anyone can be intimidated when facing the law; especially individuals with clear criminal records. However, an injury is an injury regardless of who caused it. Be it your loved one or a person from high authority, you should know your rights so you can defend them properly.

In rare circumstances, there are officers who mishandle an arrest, harming others who are in the way. Sometimes, the wrong people get detained. There could be use of assault, intentional distress (emotionally or physically), defamation, battery, involvement of tasers or batons, as well as other forms of unnecessary force.

All these fall under police misconduct and could be used as grounds for personal injury claims for intentional torts.

What Must Be Done

Remember that tort and personal injury cases vary from state to state. However, there are general similarities. If you or a loved one has experienced police misconduct or wrongful arrest, coupled with injury of some sort (broken limbs, bruises, emotional distress, etc.), you should first seek professional guidance from an experienced attorney. He or she would be able to tell whether you have a case in your hands.

It can be scary going against the same people who are intended to protect you; but humans make mistakes. It might not be their purpose to harm you, but the damage has been done and proper compensation must be attained. Here is where your lawyer would come in. You and your attorney must prove that the defendant’s acts led to your injuries. If there isn’t enough evidence, or the case is less than substantial, it’s possible that the defendant will only be charged of recklessness or negligence.

Let Your Personal Injury Lawyer Defend You

Personal injury claims for police misconduct will not only benefit you, but also your society.

By protecting your rights as a civilian, you will get justice for what has happened, as well as instill correct standards for law enforcers in your locality. Again, such scenarios are rare because police forces have been trained to guard the very rights that keep us from getting harmed. However, there are some officers who abuse their power. They shouldn’t be allowed to hurt someone else. It’s not easy being a victim of authorities – but you shouldn’t be afraid to fight as long as you are in the right.

These situations CAN happen at the most unexpected times. In such, try to keep calm and do not do anything that might aggravate the affair. Be silent if you have to. It is your right, after all. Afterward, don’t forget to contact your local attorney. It is NEVER your fault that you got tangled in the mess. Often, it’s just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Whether it’s a truck accident case or personal injury claim against law enforcers, visit your attorney for correct legal guidance.

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