What Prolongs A Personal Injury ClaimAmong the most common questions that someone who is a victim of personal injury have in mind is: How long will the claim take? The answer to this question, however, is dependent on the nature the case. Claimants need to always keep in mind that each personal injury lawsuit is unique, thus, this means that there is no definite time-frame for every case. There are some injury cases that may only take a short period of time. On the other hand, there are claims that may take longer than what is expected. Commonly, an automobile accident is relatively faster to settle compared to the other types of personal injury claims, such as premises liability and medical malpractice.

Personal Injury Claim: Factors Affecting the Time-frame

There are various facets that may affect the time duration of the claim. The investigation often includes different common contributing factors.

• Initial Investigation

This basically involves case analysis by the attorney of the plaintiff. The investigation includes gathering of information like medical records and bills.

• Recognizing the Claim

The liable party that is involved and the insurance company will be notified by the legal counsel of the victim, regarding the claim.

• Medical Analysis

The victim needs to be examined by a physician to know the extent of the injury he sustained resulting from the accident. This factor is very important because in order for the claimant to know how much compensation does he need, he has to realize the type of injury that he has incurred first.

The Importance of Medical Diagnosis

There are various instances wherein the time period of a personal injury case will depend on the medical evaluation of the victim. In normal cases, the claimant needs to undergo a series of medical examination before determining the totality of the injury. Moreover, sometimes, further injuries may arise from complications of the initial one, thus, the medical examination often takes longer than expected. Additionally, there are some health conditions that may need several months before the doctor can conclude his recommendations. Given such, the claimant needs to be patient, as prolonged procurement of the compensation is a lot better, than obtaining a compensation that is insufficient.

The Crucial Role of A Lawyer

The experience of a California personal injury lawyer in handling a California personal injury case is highly considered as a contributing factor on the momentum of the case. When a lawyer lacks experience in managing an injury lawsuit, the odds would be against the plaintiff. However, when a lawyer has adequate experience and skills, the case will be resolved in a shorter amount of time. When looking for a good personal injury lawyer to represent you and protect your rights, make sure to consider the experience of the lawyer, as well as his reputation in handling personal injury-related cases in order to avoid wasting money and time.

Considering the above mentioned things and getting the right person for such situation plays a significant role in the success of the case. When involved in a personal injury, you need not face it alone. After all, help is available and there are people who can always help.

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