The United States has a long, complex series of roads and highway systems. Regardless if you’re driving in an urban area or in the Interstate, road rage is commonplace and one of the main causes of vehicular accidents. This in turn leads to a lot of personal injury lawsuits. Although most incidents rarely end in violent confrontations, the same cannot be said in certain situations.

A lot of drivers lose their cool nowadays, and on-road etiquette is unheard of to some drivers. Keep in mind that this spur of emotions may render you unable you to drive safely, which could lead to personal injury. It’s barely 10 days off 2015 and if you’re guilty of being ticked off in the road, here are some ways to cool off.


Let’s say you had a disagreement with a coworker, and you’re still seething with anger as you’re walking to your car. In cases like these, you may end up taking out all of the anger and frustration on another person, perhaps another driver. You may even encounter a fellow who had an equally rough day, and the situation could escalate into a full scale confrontation. So, if ever you’re in this situation, your best course of action is to drink a cup of coffee or get yourself a burger while enjoying the chilly New Year’s air. Cool off and wait for your emotions to stabilize.


Let’s say time isn’t on your hands and despite being an emotional wreck, you need to haul yourself into the car and drive. Whenever this happens, your best bet is to play the classics: no we’re not talking about Rock and Pop music from the 60s to 80s, but Classical music. Be sure to have a playlist containing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Bach’s Air or Chopin’s Ballad No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23. Listening to these musical pieces may seem corny and outdated, but studies suggest that it is able to soothe your unstable feelings.


In the road, FIDO isn’t a dog, but an acronym for “Forget It, Drive On”. If an aggressive driver cuts you off impolitely, then just laugh it off and de-escalate the situation. If someone drives alongside you and makes threatening gestures, wave to them like a long lost friend and forget about them. Letting your anger get the best of you will endanger you and your passengers, if you have any. Keep in mind that you have other things to be concerned of than being ticked off, so don’t contribute to making road mishaps likely – car accidents are traumatic and will certainly lead to loss of life.

Let’s reverse the situation: you’re the calm party, and there’s someone enraged at your inability to drive faster. If you’re being tailgated or a victim, here are tips to help you out:

  • Your first course of action is to call 911. Highway patrolmen are always on standby and are there to help you get home safely if ever the need arises.
  • If a driver is relentlessly tailgating, don’t drive home: instead, go to the nearest police station and file a complaint.
  • If a personal injury occurs, be sure to contact a trusted personal injury lawyer and know your options.

If you will experience a California car accident, it is essential that you know the basic move for this or talk personally to a lawyer to know more about it.

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