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After the occurrence of a car accident, one can be flustered, startled, or in shock. Although these are normal reactions and feelings to experience when something unfortunate happens, it’s a must to never let your emotions make you do or say something that might have an effect on your personal injury claim. Instead, you have to know the steps you have to take when such happens. These steps will serve as your guide to protect your rights and eventually be compensated for all the damages and losses incurred.

Things To Do After a Car Accident

1. Call for Help

Right after the accident, immediately call 911 or the police. The police would be able to respond and take control of the accident site. Once they arrive at the scene, they will make an official police report. And on your part, secure a copy and as much as possible, never leave the scene, unless you are being told to do so.

2. List Down Contact Information

Never forget to write down all contact information of whoever was involved in the accident. The information would include that of the driver, witnesses, and passengers.

3. Take Photos and Notes

Photos are extremely significant when filing a personal injury claim. The photos you have taken with a camera or cell phone are a clear evidence of what took place and an essential clue when considering the extent of damages. At the same time, make sure that you take note of how the accident happened, what was said or done before its occurrence, and other valuable information. These information would be very helpful when your personal injury attorney would negotiate the claim.

4. Receive Treatment for the Injuries

The difference between an extreme and minor injury may not be determined right after the accident. This is because there are kinds of injuries that can get worse through time, especially when you’ve been hit in the head. It is very important to immediately seek medical attention even if what you sustained seems like just a minor crash. It is another significant factor when making a claim.

5. Do not Discuss the Accident

After you have gathered all the necessary information you need, do not discuss or say something about the accident to others. Do not point a finger at others, express opinion with vulgar language, nor say sorry.

Your Insurance Company Versus Personal Injury Attorney

When all the information about the car accident have been well-documented, make a call to your car insurance company and report what happened. Answer the necessary questions, but do not accept appraisals, until you have talked to your California car accident lawyer. Take all the information to your lawyer, including medical bills and purchases you’ve had to make as a result of the accident.

It is important to have a personal injury lawyer after an accident to have someone review your personal injury claim and make a difference between a claim that barely covers the initial medical bills, and the one that will take into account your healthcare needs.

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