Most Encountered Injury Cases

It is nearly impossible for a person to have gone through his life up to the present time without sustaining some kind of injury, whether it’s an accident that is caused by his own clumsiness or the lack of foresight, or it could be the other person’s lack of control, judgment, or skill. In most cases, these are just little and minor things. They could only be a few bruises or cuts and bumps that we can blame on ourselves. On the other hand, there are instances when it’s easy to point a finger at, even when the other person is indirectly responsible. And of course, there are injuries and accidents which are caused by someone else negligence or wrongdoing. Below are the most commonly encountered personal injury cases in California and additional information about them.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Work-Related Injuries

A work injury can occur as a result of many things, however, there is a clear and legal definition of the circumstances under which one is allowed to sue for compensation. Most notably, the employer is required and expected to have an adequate understanding of the potential safety concerns in the workplace, to provide necessary information on these concerns, and provide employees with the right protection and adequate equipment.

In addition, safety regulations and preventive measures need to be in place, and if in case the employer knowingly ignores these regulations, he will considered liable for the sustained injuries. Letting the employee use inadequate equipment that caused an injury, or asking an employee to perform tasks that are beyond his regular duties may result in an injury wherein the employer is to be blamed.

Road Traffic Accidents and Injuries

The majority of people nowadays owns or operate a vehicle. Big, heavy and fast cars are very common on the road, and it only takes a few seconds of negligence to swerve into another vehicle. Particularly, motorcycles are considered to be dangerous as they leave the driver exposed, and the majority of drivers do not wear a protective gear when they get on a bike. As a result, there is a high number of claims on a yearly basis. If it will be proven that the negligence of another driver, or his lack of driving skills, or his bad driving caused by intoxication triggered the accident, then you a right to sue and be compensated.

Public Places Injuries

Among the most common types of public place injuries are: slipping and falling due to negligence on the part of the establishment, sustaining injuries or putting one’s health at risk by a product or equipment in a store, a child who got injured at school, or being attacked and injured by someone else’s animal.

Considering the local law, there is a specific period of time after the occurrence of the incident that a person is allowed to claim compensation. After a given period, any claims will not be anymore valid. Therefore, it is necessary to prove that the cause of the injury can be directly linked to the misconduct or negligence of another person, and the claim needs to be filed in a timely manner.

There are many other types of personal injury cases that are filed each year. Some of them can be very specific, while others are more general in nature. These types of personal injuries are the most common ones across the world, and no matter where you’re from, when these cases happen, you should consult a competent personal injury lawyer who has acquired enough experience and expertise in the field.

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