Whenever there is a need to transport a group of people, chartering a tour bus can be a brilliant idea. Most people have considered this a safe and easy solution. However, while everyone believes it is better to hire a tour bus than any other carrier, inevitable things can still happen. As a matter of fact, you can read it in the newspaper and see it on TV how victims are coping with the nightmares.

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Common Carrier: A Brief Definition

Buses are recognized as common carriers. This simply means buses are considered an entity used to transport either goods or people to a destination for an amount of compensation. Common carriers include tour buses, school buses, commercial aircraft, taxicab, cruise ships, and even certain trucks. Thus, it is essential to highly regard extra care and safety. Most common carrier accident cases arrive to a settlement agreement as a result of negligence and other willful actions.

Say for school bus driver bringing students from their homes to school and back. He is expected to follow the traffic signs and road rules to keep not just himself, but his passengers safe. Otherwise, he will be able to meet their own nightmare along the way. On the other hand, if accidents occur, individuals involved in the incident are eligible to fight for their rights and keep themselves protected.

Who should be liable for the accident?

Some people would think identifying the person at fault causing tour bus accidents simple. Keep in mind that there are no two cases that are exactly the same. Both may be tour bus accidents, but it doesn’t mean, the people responsible for the accident will be the same as that of the other case. It could be the tour bus company, driver, or someone else who caused the accident to happen. This is the right time you will be working with your lawyer to obtain a fair settlement.

In order to have an overview who should be held liable for the accident, here are the parties normally involved in this type of nightmare.

• Tour Company

There are tour companies that are not capable of providing tour buses for their clients yet. They prefer to associate their business to buses that are willing to transport their customers or clients for an amount of compensation. As they hire these buses, they are expected to keep the passengers safety. Thus, whenever they violated on certain rules, they will be held liable for the injuries and damages resulting from the accident.

• Bus Company

Moreover, bus companies must provide safety to their passengers. Their license and registration is necessary. This proves that the bus company has to exercise its duty of care. The factors of keeping passengers and everyone in the vehicle safe has to be followed.

• Destination

Think about a tourist who slips and incur injuries at an oil slick at a certain bus stop. If you think no one is responsible for the injuries, think again. Tour bus companies have to be liable for the safety of their tourists.

Chartering a tour bus may be a solution to your transportation needs, but the moment you meet accidents along the way, it is wise to wake up from this kind of nightmare with your personal injury lawyer by your side.

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