LawyerEver wonder why a personal injury attorney refuses to consider your personal injury case in California? You have to keep in mind that there are elements that they would be looking for and they need to consider these before they would work on your personal injury case and allow it to have a fair settlement. Your lawyer will have to evaluate not just the legal aspects, but the financial details of the lawsuit as well. Don’t be dismayed and discouraged when your lawyer turns you down. Perhaps, he may have not found these three elements in your personal injury case.

Three Elements in a Personal Injury Case


Upon meeting your lawyer, the first thing that he would want to ask is, who is the person at fault. In other words, it would be impossible for him to skip this part where he would be asking his client, who has caused the accident to happen. For instance, in a car accident, your attorney would want to figure out who would be liable for the accident resulting to injuries and other losses. Remember, in a personal injury accident, there has to be someone who has been negligent with his actions that has caused the accident to occur and injuries, damages and losses of the other party that have been incurred. In any case where the lawyer would not be able to find this element, there would be chances he may refuse to consider on resolving your case.

Losses Resulting from Injuries

The next element that your lawyer would consider and look for is, the losses from the injury. Losses resulting from the injury has to be significant enough to warrant the time and most of all the effort as he pursues the claim settlement. If in any way, the injured person has suffered minor injuries and recovery period would only be a week or two, it may not be a good idea to pursue in filing for a claim. On the other hand, if you have incurred serious injuries resulting from the accident, this is the absolute time to file for a claim and achieve a fair settlement. Injuries will always prevent a person from getting a normal life. Most of the time, the extent of the injuries you have incurred will always determine how much your case is worth.

Financial Factor

Last but not the least, in fact, this is the most important factor your lawyer must consider – money. Did you know that to an injured person, money is the element that can make him whole? Usually, in cases where with the defendant is insured, greater chances of a successful settlement claim. Although it doesn’t mean that it is unlikely to win the case when the person at fault do not have insurance, attorneys will always have their knowledge and skills in order for the plaintiff to collect the right amount of money to allow him to recover from any damage or loss resulting from the accident.

Now that you have finally learned these three elements, hiring an attorney to have a fair settlement would be the wisest decision you will make.

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